My projects are always based on a previously well-designed strategy to reach very concrete goals.

Freelance Surface Pattern Designer - Eduardo Pérez

Hello, my name is Eduardo, and I am a Brand Specialist & Senior Graphic Designer. I work to create the design and branding that gets you to your goal.

You will be in good hands. I’m frequently hired by apparel and luxury brands to improve the design and quality of their brand and products. 

So, if you are looking for:

1. Expert brand identity design

2. Exquisite graphic design for your products

3. Stunning packaging design

4. Specialist merchandise design


It is harder than ever to stand out in the retail market. Every day, agile start-ups emerge into a global market where competition is fierce. 

Having excellent products and great service is not enough. You have to cut through the noise and get heard. You do this by differentiating yourself with smart use of original design and a trend-busting outlook. I can help you with this.


I believe in excellence, and I work to ensure that my designs fulfill the sales or brand awareness goals of your brand or product. At the heart of my work is creativity aligned with the strategy that helps you reach your goals.

How I’ll help you

You’ll know that to be successful in this vibrant but competitive market, you need more than great design. But that’s ok, because when you work with me, you’ll get:

1. A dedicated senior graphic designer to solving your problems and expanding your opportunities

2. Insight into global and on-the-ground trends

3. Process management from design to factory

4. Brand advice

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition With Cost-Effective, Reliable And Extraordinarily Creative Custom Graphic Design And Process Management Every Month.